Various Lockers

You can lock your content with various lockers such as passwords, social media, and Papal.

Drag & Drop Upload

Drag and drop your files all at once. You can even import your files from various sources such as dropbox.

File Center Shortcode

Share files with particular users by providing using the file center shortcode to display a list of shared downloads.

Amazon S3 Storage

Your files can be stored on Amazon’s S3 service to save you bandwidth and CPU usage.

Audio Player

The audio player is very simple and will detect and play all MP3 files uploaded with a package.

Lifetime Update

Once purchased, you will be provided with lifetime updates.

Availability & Expiration

Packages can have a set availability or expiration dates.

Customizable Button

Customize the download button with over 600 icons, 10 colors, shapes, sizes, enhancements and hover effects.